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The internal structure of industrial control chassis

Speaking of industrial control chassis, many people may not understand it. Industrial chassis generally modeling stable, deep color, giving a reliable feeling. From its application areas, it is not appropriate to do too much in terms of appearance, because there is no need. Practical and reliable is its greatest advantage. So follow the industrial chassis manufacturers to explain the internal structure of industrial chassis is what?
1. Thermal conductivity: the rationality of the heat dissipation structure is related to the computer can stabilize the work of an important factor.
2. hard drive frame, optical drive frame: excellent quality of the chassis are generally with metal spring shock function;
3. Guide: Both sides of the chassis are required with a cabinet rail reserved for the installation of screw holes, easy to facilitate the maintenance of the cabinet.
4. Pressure card: mainly from the fixed role. There is security monitoring the installation of video long card, or industrial CPU long card, you must fix the long card, so as to avoid the use of the process of shaking, not strong and so on.
5. Seismic: industrial chassis at work, because the chassis of the internal drive, hard drive, chassis, multiple fans in the high-speed operation will produce vibration, and vibration can easily lead to CD read and hard disk damage and even loss of data, So the shock resistance of the chassis is also a key structural design of the chassis.
6. Slot expansion: 7-slot or 14-slot two; 7-slot backplane mainly for ordinary PC motherboard to install other expansion cards; 14-slot backplane The main purpose is to install multiple video cards, such as some large-scale monitoring System, you have to 64 Road, or 128 Road, you must replace the 14-slot backplane;
7. Electromagnetic shielding: the host at work, the motherboard, CPU, memory and a variety of boards will produce a lot of electromagnetic radiation, if not to prevent the human body will cause some damage. This time the chassis has become a shield of electromagnetic radiation, to protect the health of an important line of defense. Shielded chassis can also effectively block the external radiation interference, to ensure that the computer internal parts from external radiation effects.
8. Bottom plate: There are several specifications of the bottom plate; 14-slot rear window installation ISA or PCI specifications Industrial CPU long card motherboard, 7-slot rear window installation ATX specifications ordinary PC motherboard.
Today, industrial chassis manufacturers to share here for everyone, industrial chassis is generally used for military, radio, television, its advantage is conducive to heat, with good scalability, good stability.
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